The battle rages on amongst taxi services and ride-sharing services in major cities. But that battle is going rural now after Lyft, one of the two major ride-sharing services in the country, announced a major expansion that will make their service available anywhere in 32 different states.

According to the Sun Journal, one of those states is Maine. In Portland, Uber was the first ride-sharing service to make their mark, and still maintains its dominance as a go-to for those that look for rides through apps. So Lyft has decided to employ a new strategy, go anywhere else in Maine that Uber doesn't.

Uber has been dealing with public relations disasters, which has left many drivers for the company looking for other options. Lyft is hoping they'll be that option, with a reputation for treating their drivers, the lifeblood of the company, better. Lyft has recently updated their app and pushed harder to market their name and availability. Can they knock off Uber? Only time will tell.

But for Mainers looking for rides from Arundel to Madawaska, cab companies have been their only option, and it wasn't cheap. Lyft is hoping to change riders habits and their experience. How quickly will Lyft be available everywhere in Maine? As quickly as they can find drivers.

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