When you think of donuts, you will have a new gigantic donut to add to your "must have" list.  That's because there's a new donut shop coming to Maine, that's likely to be the talk of Old Town.

The website is up, the Facebook page is working, and the donuts looks absolutely scrumptious.  The only slight problem is the shop is not quite open yet.

via MeMeGs.com
via MeMeGs.com

MeMe G's is coming in the next month to Old Town, Maine, and from the response on social media, it seems fans will be lining up out the door for the giant donuts.

As of now, the owners are still getting used to the new equipment, allowing some "sampling" to make sure the recipes are right, and experimenting with all kinds of toppings and flavor mixes.

While we don't yet know what the menu will look like, we do know everyone's favorite, maple bacon donuts, will be on the menu, according to MeMe G's Facebook page.

If "pictures are a thousand words", then it looks like pink frosted sprinkles, Reese's Pieces and M&M's, and chocolate frosted Reese's Peanut Butter Cup donuts are part of the menu of giant donuts, according to MeMeGs.com.

MeMe G's is a loving tribute to Wanda Golding, a mom and a MeMe (grandma) who along with her husband, Ric Golding, served up customers "for life" at Libby's and The Donut Boys donut wagon.  The Donut Boys giant donut wagon traveled to state and country fairs and events across New England.

MeMe G's Facebook page
via  MeMeGs.com

Wanda Golding unfortunately passed away, but the family is keeping the tradition of the giant donuts alive with their new bakery in Old Town, ME.  Keep an eye out for the grand opening.

Better yet, just sniff the air near 296 Main Street in Old Town.  Your nose will know when it's open for business.

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