Prepare for your eyes to witness one of the prettiest things they may ever see.

Imagine a beautiful body of water, only lit by the soft glow of the moonlight, suddenly the setting for thousands of tiny glowing flames, bobbing along with the movement of the water. Hear the ooh-ing and ahh-ing of families and couples enveloping the area, making it that much more beautiful.

This magic of The Water Lantern Festival is finally coming to our New England neck of the woods this fall, and you could be a witness to this stunning experience.

@Water Lantern Festival via YouTube
@Water Lantern Festival via YouTube
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The festival is coming to Weymouth's George Lane Beach on October 9, with hours of family fun to be a part of, and food trucks and music to enjoy. Participants will get to decorate their own lanterns before launching them onto the water after the sun goes down, creating a sight that will surely give you goosebumps.

Plus, because The Water Lantern Festival is committed to a "leave no trace" policy, the festival's team cleans up every lantern after the event is over. All lanterns are also made out of eco-friendly rice paper and wood, and LED candles are reused and recycled.

Tickets range from $25.99 to $55.99 per person depending on when you buy. The cheapest price is available as an Early Bird special through August 31.

If you're like me and have been waiting 11 years to recreate this iconic scene from "Tangled," now might just be the perfect chance.

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