I distinctly remember the Ocean Spray cranberry juice commercial growing up as a little kid and seeing two men in waders standing in a sea of cranberries. At the time, I was so confused why the berries were floating in the water and thought it was just for the fun of the commercial.

Do you remember this commercial??

I don’t have the best memory but for some reason, this one sticks.

Anyway, now that I am an adult I understand that this is simply a cranberry bog and you can actually take a tour and wade through a sea of cranberries yourself.

Massachusetts Cranberry Bog Tours

According to a website entirely about cranberries, nearly all of the cranberries in America are harvested in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington due to the climate and what cranberries need in order to properly grow.

So, lucky for us Mainers, our neighbors in Massachusetts have acres of cranberry bogs we can go frolic in.

Massachusetts Cranberries provides a great resource to learn where fresh cranberries are sold and where you can actually take a bog tour. Here are some spots you can check out to walk through a sea of cranberries and actually harvest some yourself:

  1. Annie’s Crannies, Dennis, MA.
  2. Benson’s Pond, Middleboro, MA.
  3. Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours, East Sandwich, MA.
  4. Chamberlain Farm, Berkeley, MA.

Since these berries are only harvested in such select places in the country, we Mainers should take advantage of the proximity and try out what would be such a unique experience.

Plus, I can only imagine how good fresh cranberries are right from a local farm.

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