Sometimes the best adventures don't cost a dime. That can be said of the 325 acre park known as Mount Apatite in Auburn, Maine. People use the park as a place to bike and picnic, and in the winter for some terrific cross country skiing and snow shoeing. But there's another part of Mount Apatite that may attract you...the search for treasure.

That treasure will come in the form of rock hunting, as Mount Apatite has been known to deliver gem-quality tourmaline and quartz. For well over a century, rock hunting enthusiasts have been coming to the quarry of Mount Apatite to satisfy their urge to find buried treasure. Are you up for the challenge?

HOW TO GET THERE: Take route 11/121 otherwise known as Minot Avenue and turn onto Garfield Road. Travel roughly a half mile, then turn left onto Stevens Mills Road and park near the baseball fields. The trailhead can be found nearby.



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