When you've played hundreds or even thousands of shows, you're bound to run into some issues and see everyone on their worst day eventually, like these times musicians flipped out on their techs onstage.

They may operate behind the curtain or in the wings of the stage, mostly hidden from view of the thousands of fans at a show, but they're an essential cog in the wheels of the touring machine. A band and its crew operate in harmony to execute a variety of complexities.

From lights, to pyro and other special effects, the dozens of instruments in various tunings awaiting their turn for respective songs in the setlist, to lighting engineers and spotlight operators to the person behind the soundboard, ensuring everything looks and sounds great for the fans and for the band onstage using in-ear monitors, floor monitors and whatever else.

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Live performance is a living, breathing beast and human beings are imperfect creatures, meaning the law of averages is going to get the best of you sooner or later.

In the heat of the moment, things can get ugly and, fortunately, cooler heads often prevail (such as Megadeth's Dave Mustaine forgiving the guitar tech he fired in 2015).

Watch the Loud List video below to revisit the incidents over the years.

Times Rock + Metal Musicians Flipped Out at Techs

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