If you've been around long enough, there's a good chance this has happened to you. You're running into the grocery store for a few items, trying to get in and get out as quickly as possible. As you exit the store, you see your car, reach for the handle and it doesn't open. WTF?! You try to unlock it and nope, not happening. You take a closer look and realize, THIS ISN'T MY CAR. You then survey the public around you to see if anyone notices. Embarrassing. But imagine for a second if the car DID open and you drove off...because that's exactly what happened in Rockland last Friday.

According to CentralMaine.com, an elderly motorist left her car running in the Hannaford parking lot on Friday to make a quick stop at the store. Another motorist, who was driving a very similar automobile, was parked next to her. That motorist exited the Hannaford store first, and hopped into the elderly woman's car. For some reason, that person didn't question why the car was running or if it was even their car and drove off. The elderly woman returned to the parking lot to find her car gone and notified police.

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When police caught up with the elderly woman's car, they came to the conclusion it was simply a case of mistaken identity and no charges would be filed. Now that's a story the elderly woman will be telling to everyone who will listen!

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