Rumford Police Chief Tony Milligan is looking for the public's help finding someone, but this person isn't a suspect in any crime. This person actually stopped to help a Rumford officer control a combative suspect.

A man who was driving a red Toyota Tacoma stopped on Falls Hill Wednesday when he saw the officer struggling to control a very combative suspect the officer was trying to take into custody. With the man's help the two were able to get him under control. Unfortunately, the man left before the officer could get his name and thank him.

Chief Milligan said in a Facebook post on the Rumford Police Department's page that he "would love to know this gentleman's name and have the opportunity to personally thank him for helping the police."

The good Samaritan is currently "at large" so to speak. If you know who he might be, Chief Milligan asks you to please private message him in the department's Facebook page of the call the Rumford Police Department at 364-3449 so that the man can get the thanks and recognition he deserves for lending a hand in a tense situation.



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