All you marriage detractors, behold Exhibit A in why you may want to think twice about tying the knot.

The video, titled "Sadness," features a man getting a lap dance from his wife. The only problem is this crestfallen fella looks like he'd rather be getting an enema than enjoying this erotic act of love from his better half.

Seriously, is this guy tied to his chair because he sure looks like he's being held against his will? We;d put down a sawbuck that he's counting the minutes until this ends and he can slither into his man cave, crack open a PBR and cry while he thinks about where it all went wrong.

If you watch this guy, you want to shout, "Blink twice if you can hear me" because no man in that sweet of a Kramer-type shirt should look like he's ready to thrown in the towel on life.

We say jump out of that chair, grab your keys and wallet, take out $500 from the ATM, convert all the cash into singles and head out to a real strip club for a better lap dance. Because if there's one place in the world that's not sad whatsoever, it's a strip club.

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