It's like Valentine's Day meets Game of Thrones meets The Empire Strikes Back.

According to The Portland Press Herald, during Monday's blizzard, 18-year old Seamus Malone robbed the Airport Variety convenience store in Sanford wielding quite the unusual weapon. The teen used a 2 & 1/2 foot sword to threaten the clerk, took some alcohol and cigarettes, and promptly fled into the nearby woods. We're glad no one was hurt, and surprised he didn't take any cattle or animal hides.

The robbery took place roughly around 10:00am, and Malone was arrested shortly afterwards. Police also recovered the sword, which Malone disposed of in a snowbank near his apartment. Now, other than the obvious question of why someone would rob a store in the first place, we have to ask - why a sword? Was his catapult broken?


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