Stephen King's favorite fictional Maine town will finally come to life in a new Hulu series planned for not-too-distant future.  

Don't go looking for Castle Rock, Maine on any map or GPS device because you won't find it. That fictional town only exists in the mind of famous author Stephen King. For decades, readers have visited the town from time to time in some of King's most famous novels including the Dead Zone and Cujo. But according to ScreenCrush, that town will finally come to life a new series on Hulu.

The series is already planning to have multiple seasons and follow the format of other popular series like True Detective and the Wire. There will be different story lines and characters in each season who will eventually all cross paths and interconnect at some point in the future (or the past). J.J. Abrams, made famous for inter-weaving story lines on Lost, is on board for the project.

Castle Rock wasn't just the primary setting for some of King's most incredible stories. It was also mentioned in several others. Pet Sematary, It, The Stand and The Shawshank Redemption all make references to the fictional town and viewers of the planned show can reasonably expect to see references to those stunning works as part of the plot.

There is no timetable for when the first season of the show will be released for mass consumption but given the fact there is already a teaser trailer, you might not have to wait long!

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