Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is being sold to real estate developers. If you gasped, so did everyone who found out Saturday at the race.


The owner, Andy Cusack told the crowd after the race that the property was sold and that racing was ending soon after 72 years. The Portland Press Herald tried to find out who bought the track but was unsuccessful.

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Scarborough has lost some long-standing traditions in recent years. First, it was Scarborough Downs and the loss of horse racing after 70 years. That happened in 2018, and now Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. After 72 years, no more racing.

The announcement came as a complete shock. Most fans, drivers, employees, and volunteers knew nothing about the sale. For some, it feels like a death in the family. This loss will leave Maine with just three race tracks: Wiscasset Speedway, Oxford Plains Speedway, and Speedway 95 in Hermon. Thursday, Sept. 23 is expected to be the last day of racing at Beech Ridge.

Most in the racing world knew this day was coming. It's just another step in the changing and development of Southern Maine. Change is hard, especially when it's something you love that's going away...



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