Thanks, again, for coming along for the ride this past Summer on my #PortlandQuest. It was a good time getting out there, and seeing some sights. Along the way there were weeks where you guessed the correct answer and others where you were stumped, but it was all intended to be fun and educational.

This summer we wanted to cover a lot of different places in our great city to really test your knowledge. Which one was the hardest to figure out? Which one was the easiest to guess? Just click on the link above to see all of the places we featured.

Now as we turn the page from summer into fall, we want to do more. What did you think of our #PortlandQuest?

loading...[/caption]Did you like it?  Do you want me to continue it into the Fall and Winter?

loading...[/caption]Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #PortlandQuestYeaNay.


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