Let's call spring was it has been; a huge, chilly disappointment. April showers only brought May showers, and earlier this week we got snow (SNOW) in the mountains in Maine. Ridiculous. But if you've been feeling down and questioning whether or not Vacationland is ever going to heat up, Monday may be the reminder we all need to feel alive again.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, most forecast models are rolling out a toasty day for New England. Most of New Hampshire and Massachusetts are staring at an 80 degree day while southern and central Maine should hang in the upper 60's or low 70's. The good news for the naysayers is that it will be a WARM feel, versus the somehow-still-chilly 60 degree days that we've been repeatedly having for more than a month.

Unfortunately, Monday is just an outlier though. The remainder of the week heading into Memorial Day weekend is much of the same we've incurred for all of May. Plus, it wouldn't be Memorial Day weekend in Maine if we didn't have at least one below-average day with clouds and rain. It's tradition after all.

So bust out the sunscreen Monday and feel the warmth because...it may be awhile before you feel it again.

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