Along the coastline of Maine, there are numerous picturesque destinations that draw locals and tourists through all four seasons who want to enjoy the natural beauty. But as the number of visitors grows to these destinations, so does the possibility that some of their beauty can be tarnished. That was witnessed by Corey Cain Photography, who shared this post on Facebook.

Clearly dismayed by the amount of litter, it is quite shocking to see the pile of garbage that was collected in just a short amount of time around the lighthouse. The post goes on to make another point, about discarded cigarette butts, that is also something people should consider.

Obviously, littering is still a major problem, especially in areas where the pristine beauty makes even a small amount of garbage extremely noticeable. This Facebook post is a reminder to everyone to please take extra care anywhere you are, including Maine's most desirable coastal locations, and collect your trash, cigarette butts and anything else that may negatively impact the area.

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