Comedian Bob Marley has advice for younger people

Throughout the years, more and more information about skin safety in the sun has come out and how it can truly impact you in your later years. That's basically what Maine comedian Bob Marley experiences now, as he recently mentioned how he annually has to go see the skin doctor now for the damage he did when he was younger.

Crisco and Tin Foil

During his rant, Bob brought up the point that skin safety in the sun wasn't as focused on back in the 90s as it is now.

"Sunscreen wasn't even invented until like 1997 or something. We'd go to Old Orchard Beach with tin foil and the ZZ Top album cover, lather a bunch of Crisco on our body, and lay out there for 12, 14 hours, come back bubbling and say, 'Don't I look so good?' 'You got some good color! You must've laid out!'"

"Oh, there's a barnacle."

Bob went on to highlight his experience with the skin doctor, mentioning that she's wicked nice, but he "feels so cheap" since he has to put on "one of those pointless gowns and leave the back open" for a full examination. During the exam, his doctor points out all the "barnacles" that need to be "torched off," a lot of which were on his face and he mentions will turn black after a couple of days.

"You're going to feel a little pinch."

During the exam, Bob went on to say that his doctor didn't like the look of a blemish on his shoulder, so mentioned that she was "going to take a little scrape on that" and proceeded to take out what Bob says looked like an 8 or 12-inch needle and mentioned he may feel a little pinch. He said the whole procedure made him feel like he was left with "a gaping, fiery chest wound."

Take skin safety seriously

Obviously, half the reason Bob made the video and told his tale was to be funny -- that's what Uncle Bobby does. Makes Mainers and those from away laugh. But it was also shared with the purpose of bringing awareness to making sure you're safe in the sun at a younger age so you don't have to deal with the same experiences he has to now down the line in life.

To avoid having barnacles "torched off" and being left with "gaping, fiery chest wounds," follow these suggestions from the CDC on how to protect your skin from the sun.

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