Chicken fingers are the ultimate comfort food for many people. That's probably because it's difficult to mess up a chicken finger. At its worst, it could be a little chewy with a crust that's a little underwhelming but nothing that a good sauce can't cover up. At its best, chicken fingers can put a smile on your face with the right spices, breading and fry on them. The problem is that almost every restaurant has chicken fingers on the menu. It'd be nearly impossible to try every single chicken finger and report back. So if you're on the lookout for your next favorite chicken finger, one Portland restaurant has been given the title of "best chicken fingers in Maine" by Eat This.


That would be Crown Fried Chicken in Portland. CFC is a Halal restaurant and despite having fried chicken in its name, their menu is quite diverse. But it's those chicken fingers that are the focus. CFC's spice mixture on their breading opened the eyes of Eat This as well as the perfect portion size. Make no mistake, there are far prettier plates of chicken fingers served all across the State of Maine, but this is all about taste. Despite being named the best chicken fingers in Maine, CFC doesn't list them as one of their 'top sellers' on their website. This accolade may change that.

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Crown Fried Chicken is located at 292 Saint John Street in Union Station Plaza.

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