The animal kingdom is a singularly terrifying place.

Don't believe it? Watch this.

This is a snake that what -- spits up? ralphs? sheds? -- an antelope. It's like a cross between National Geographic and a straight-to-DVD sci-fi flick.

As the video notes, the snake isn't necessarily regurgitating the animal as a way to prove to all of its snake friends that it really did bag an entire antelope and he is the toughest reptile in town, but as a method of self-defense.

Whatever the reason, we're more afraid of snakes than we've ever been and feel like Samuel L. Jackson should be called in to show this creature who's boss. We know he can stop them on a plane, so we have no doubt they can swallow him whole and he'd still manage to shout his way out of their skin with a laundry list of expletives that haven't been invented yet.

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