In southwestern New Hampshire, you'll find an incredibly peaceful body of water called Dublin Pond, or Dublin Lake, depending on who you ask. And while people have been visiting this area for decades, few actually know the ghost story of the Dublin Lake sea monsters that have been told around campfires. The wild thing is, some people believe they're true.

According to Cryptopia, the legend states that sometime during the late 1970's or early 1980's, a diver was scouring the bottom of Dublin Lake when he encountered some caverns on the shelf floor. While investigating those caverns, the diver came into contact with some sort of unspeakable monsters, one that lived in pockets that were lush with oxygen. A good point of reference? The horror flick "The Descent".

There's another version of the story that has circulated, this one more gruesome. That same diver allegedly went missing for days, only to be found naked, shivering and unable to describe the terror he had encountered in the caverns at the floor of Dublin Lake.

While both accounts so freakishly bizarre that they simply can't be true, who knows for sure? These urban legends sprang to popularity during the same time the Friday the 13th movies were captivating pop culture. But for those that visit Dublin Lake (or are planning to), perhaps it's not a bad idea to keep an eye on the what's below.

Who knows what's lurking.

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