It's absolutely cookout season here in Maine, and that means firing up the grill and enjoying some burgers and hot dogs. So you'd think a harmless tweet by TV personality Danielle Waugh about enjoying a hot dog wouldn't have caused a lengthy, day-long disagreement on social media...and that's where you'd be wrong.

The debate seems to be whether or not ketchup belongs on a hot dog. Katie Bavoso, also a TV personality here in Maine, believes that no one, under any circumstances, should ever put ketchup on a hot dog. Danielle Waugh seemed to be caught off-guard that people DON'T put ketchup on hot dogs. Followers of both on Twitter chimed in with their thoughts with more people seemingly taking Danielle's side, including some other local TV personalities.

Our take? Any sane person who has enjoyed a delicious hot dog knows that a solid mix of ketchup and mustard is essential to creating the perfect taste. Another point, those are red snappers which pretty much require ketchup to taste proper.

Sorry Katie, we're team Danielle on this one.

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