As students arrived and returned to the University of Maine campus in Orono this weekend, some students (and parents) were startled by some of the signs they saw greeting them on their drive in. In fact, several groups of parents were so irked, they took photos of some the new decorations they spotted and then asked a simple question; why?

If you're looking for something to blame, perhaps it's social media. A trend on some of the most popular social media sites including Instagram and Twitter in recent years has been signage similar to this at some of America's largest schools. Some of that signage was far worse than what was spotted at UMaine, and has led to the students behind it facing discipline.

Some who saw the signs have relayed that they were taken down almost as quickly as they were put up after backlash reached fever pitch.

But the argument continues on just how "bad" these types of signs are. In this age of social media, when you're responsible for something like this, you have to live with it. There's no hiding or ducking it, it will stick to you. Presumably the houses that featured these signs are off campus, leading some to question what authority the University of Maine truly has to force the students to remove them. Another fair question, are the people hanging these signs even students at UMaine?

There's no argument that signs like this can leave parents, and some students, feeling uneasy. Being a college freshman can be daunting enough, but driving into your first orientation with a "HONK IF SHE'S 18" sign staring at you is an entirely different animal.

So what do you think? Should signs like this be banned completely? Should students (whether they live on or off campus) face discipline for something like this? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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