One of America's most popular travelers found himself back in Maine recently. And it looked like another delicious trip.

It seems Phil Rosenthal from the extremely popular Netfllix series Somebody Feed Phil spent some quality time in our great state. The busy writer and TV host decided to take on practically every dessert that blueberries can go in. That's quite a solid strategy, in my opinion.

Rosenthal took to social media to show off many of the homemade creations that he and his family devoured while in the Pine Tree State. And the man is right. There are very few combinations in this world better than August in Maine.

Rosenthal is no stranger to our great state. He brought his hit television show to Maine a few years back and featured many popular joints. But the show also included a trip to an amazing farm run by some of his extended family. That is most likely where these images are coming from.

I think it's safe to assume Rosenthal always has a good time here in Maine. Not only does he have family in the state, but his Maine trip for the show truly stuck with him. In fact, when he sat down with Forbes Magazine to talk about that season, he mentioned his favorite meal came from Maine, at Biddeford's famed Palace Diner Restaurant. The tiny establishment, originally built in 1927, absolutely floored Phil. This is what he had to say of his experience.

What they’ve done [in Biddeford] is kept traditional diner foods on the menu but upgraded all the ingredients and cooking techniques. So [customers] are getting idealized versions of omelettes, French toast, pancakes, burgers, sandwiches. I loved them all. [Eating at the diner] became one of the favorite things I’ve ever done on this show.

This is considerable praise from a man who has spent nearly a decade traveling the world eating. To be able to leave that kind of lasting impression is not only impressive, but also the goal of every chef in every restaurant on this planet.

And clearly it is working again, because Rosenthal is certainly letting it be known that Maine is the place to be in late summer.

Blueberry desserts, nice weather, spending time with family. It seems like Mr. Rosenthal is living his best life. Good for him. And good publicity for our lovely state.

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