Ned's Point Lighthouse is arguably the most picturesque part of the seaside community of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. It's a place where engagements and weddings take place, families will go there for picnics, and kids fly kites. It's easy to get lost in the beauty of Ned's Point between the waves and the structure of the nearly 100-year-old lighthouse.

We're not sure, however, if there's enough beauty going on to account for what might possibly be the worst parking job in the history of the town of Mattapoisett.

It's hard to say if the driver of the Jeep wanted to really test the limits of his four-wheel drive vehicle, if they wanted to get a closer look at the water, or if there was different motivation. Regardless, this is certainly a sight you don't see everyday in the hometown of Salty the Seahorse.

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While we're still uncertain of the details surrounding this questionable piece of four-wheel driving, we can tell you that there was no medical event that led to this happening.

The Mattapoisett Fire Department responded to the scene with three emergency vehicles and confirmed that everyone in the Jeep managed to get out of the vehicle before crews arrived and no one was seriously injured.

One commenter on Facebook suggested maybe the driver put too much faith in their Waze instructions. Another thought maybe the accident might have happened by mixing up the accelerator with the brake.

The Jeep was removed from the harbor shortly before sunset last night.

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