Space is becoming more and more of an issue as Portland grows, so when you want to throw a party and the area is limited, you've got to get creative. Like, SUPER creative. And we guess that is what was done with this idea right here.

Shared on Facebook by Brittany Higley, someone erected a bounce house on their rooftop deck in downtown Portland. Outside the pretty wild visual, we don't really have any additional information on WHY someone would set up a bounce house in the middle of the city on their rooftop deck. Maybe a child's birthday party? Seems like a good guess. Adult party and people just had to get their bounce on? Unlikely but you never know.

However, we're going to take a wild guess and say that having a bounce house on a rooftop deck in downtown Portland probably isn't allowed based on safety concerns. But when you've gotta party, you've gotta party. As far as we know, everything worked out. In fact, we're a little disappointed we weren't invited.


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