The Bangor Mall still remains a shopping destination for the northern half of Maine featuring many of the most popular retailers in America right now. Whether it's clothing, sporting goods, jewelry or fried chicken, the Bangor Mall has you covered. But earlier this week, the Bangor Mall began trending on Twitter in Maine for a very bizarre reason.

Shared on Twitter by BreannaBean97, was a video of a spectacular indoor shopping plaza filled with overhead fountains and a working monorail system. The caption from BreannaBean97 was Bangor Mall, Bangor, Maine...leaving dozens of people confused.

SPOILER ALERT: This is not a mall anywhere in Maine but for a moment, a few people were planning a trip to Bangor to check out a working monorail system that exists inside some sort of mirrored globe that also works as a shopping mall. Gotta love Twitter.

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