Nobody likes getting parking tickets, and sometimes the sweetest revenge is one that only involves creativity. That's our stance with this poster shared on Reddit via David_lo-pan. The Redditor noticed it at Portland City Hall on the bulletin board. The number featured on the poster goes directly to the Portland Parking office.

Reddit via David_lo-pan
Reddit via David_lo-pan

Just for our personal satisfaction, we called the line and asked if, in fact, there was a Chewbacca impression contest going on. The person on the other line said, "what are you even talking about? Is this a person who works for the city?" We hung up.

It's quite clear that the poster was meant as a prank towards the Portland parking office and its enthusiastic meter maids. We're unable to confirm how many calls the parking office has received, but judging on the response we got, they've probably had enough. Although, we're really looking forward to the Yoda riddle contest next month.

ps. that's not really happening.

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