Boredom is a real part of life and something that strikes us all from time to time. But rarely, at least we hope, do you resort to defacing public property as an answer to your boredom.

That wasn't the case in Lewiston, as spotted by one of our listeners, who snapped this photo of perhaps the dumbest/most honest graffiti around town. Imagine for a moment as the culprit was prophetically thinking of something to write and finally settled on the entire reason they were there in the first place....boredom.

And as you can see from the photo above, it was only a minor distraction from the bore of their life. Clearly there is a deep rooted lesson to be learned here, that scribbling nonsense on a piece of public property isn't a real hobby. Also just a small observation/piece of advice, they could have used a comma after this. Stay in school!

I started writing this blog tor rail against defacing public property...but now I'm bored again.

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