If you're looking for a weekend getaway that is a little outside-the-box, perhaps these houseboats located in Georgetown, Maine would be right up your alley. Most Mainers probably didn't even realize we had houseboats in our state, and almost assuredly didn't realize you could rent them throughout the summer.

There are three different houseboats available courtesy of Riggs Cove Rentals, all with their own unique stylings and charm. The one pictured above is known as the Tessie Ann, the original houseboat-for-rent moored in Robinhood Cove. Your rental comes with a variety of amenities and the best part (and perhaps most important) is that no boating experience is required to stay on the houseboat.

Riggs Cove Rentals has two other houseboats available as well. The Charles Andrew, which is a near duplicate to the Tessie Ann as well as their newest houseboat, the Nancy Lou, which has a specialty rooftop deck that sets it apart from the other two boats. Pricing and availability can be found on each houseboats individual page.

And if you're venturing to Georgetown, don't forget to check out Reid State Park, one of Maine's most under-appreciated state parks.

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