Maine has no shortage of days when you're going to need to find indoor activities, even in the summertime. Whether it's rain or sticky humidity, sometimes you just need to escape. Which makes a new indoor mini-golf course in Old Orchard Beach a perfect destination for those looking to step into an entirely differently world and have some fun while doing it.

Facebook via Jungle Adventure 3D Mini Golf
Facebook via Jungle Adventure 3D Mini Golf

What Is This Place And Where Can I Find It?

It's called Jungle Mini Golf, and it can be found right along the main drag in Old Orchard Beach. The concept is different from your typical mini-golf course and not just because it's entirely indoors. With Jungle Mini Golf, you'll also have an option of wearing 3D glasses to make some of the special effects on the course seem far more lifelike.

Is The Course Really Easy?

The course isn't just a cakewalk because it's indoors either. Several of the reviews on the Jungle Mini Golf Facebook page mention that the course was surprisingly difficult. With plenty of courses to choose from across Maine, fans of mini golf are always up for a new challenge.

What Else Can I Find At Jungle Mini Golf?

When you're done with your time on the course, Jungle Mini Golf also boasts a terrific arcade featuring some popular pinball machines. If you can't dominate the course, there's always the machines.

When Is Jungle Mini Golf Open?

Jungle Mini Golf in Old Orchard Beach is set to open during April vacation on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and continue with weekends until prime season in OOB kicks in.

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