If you visited Story Land this summer, there's a good chance you noticed some serious construction going on right around the corner. Story Land has been working hard on bringing their new indoor aquarium, Living Shores, to life. The 32,000 square foot aquarium is set to open on Monday, November 4th.

So what can you expect inside this giant building. Lots, actually. There will be a variety of amazing "touch pools" where visitors can touch stingrays, horseshoe crabs and sea stars. There will also be an exotic shark touch pool, where you could touch spotted bamboo sharks, coral catsharks and more.

Beyond the touch pools, there are several other exhibits that will entertain visitors as well. The otter experience promises six Asian Small Clawed otters who have huge personalities to match their wild antics. Living Shores will boast a large walkthrough aviary, where you may be able to spot a tropical lorikeet or a red foot tortoise. There's also going to be an amazing clownfish exhibit, because clownfish are everyone's favorite.

One of other unique attraction at Living Shores is the augmented reality sandbox. Children will be able to step into this interactive sandbox and be able to craft everything from bodies of water to mountains and hills. It'll be unlike any sandbox they've ever played in before.

Tickets for Living Shores will be available for purchase online soon.

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