Before you pick up the phone for the state psychiatric unit, check out this "movie trailer" made for "The Lone Squirrel". Just remember, you can't un-see it!

Tubing, Skiing, Snowshoeing, snowmobiling...there's an endless list of activities that could be accomplished after a great dose of snow here in Maine. Dressing up a squirrel to shoot a movie trailer generally doesn't pop to the top of anyone's list...until now.

Shared courtesy of Justin Bessey via Facebook, the trailer for "The Lone Squirrel" is worth the one minute it runs. While we can't confirm that this movie has won any of the prestigious awards it claims to have won, we can confirm that this comes straight out of you needed us to tell you that.

There's no actual details as to when the trailer was shot, but given our recent snowfall, we're going to safely assume this is pretty much brand new. Additionally, we can't confirm that it was Bessey in the squirrel suit or one of his friends that will now become an instant celebrity.

Ridiculousness? Maybe. Tosh.O? There's a chance. For now, The Lone Squirrel will have to settle for a Maine-made audience.

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