You may have noticed this some amazingly colorful sunsets over the weekend. Pink and purple hews left social media flooded with pictures of the natural beauty that can found in Maine. But according to the Bangor Daily News, there was one picture in particular, of the moonrise, that has sparked conversation worldwide from those that believe in ETs.

The photo was taken by John Stetson, a Southern Maine Community College photo instructor, when he was at Dyer Point in Cape Elizabeth overlooking Casco Bay on July 9th. Stetson snapped the photo of the moonrise because he believed it looked like a giant iceberg. The scientific explanation supports Stetson's initial reaction to the moon mirage. But the people who have most interested in Stetson's photo aren't interested in the scientific explanation, they're instead looking into the great beyond.

Alien life conspiracies have been spiraling since this photo began to be shared by publications overseas. People are seeing a potential UFO in this photograph, and believe it is another clear sign that we are not alone, and that we are being visited regularly by ETs. While the average person may find it hard to grasp those conclusions from this interesting photo, those conspiracies have continued to multiply worldwide for the past few days.

So what do you see? A terrific mirage during a moonrise that has a perfect scientific explanation? Or is this a scene out of Stranger Things where everything is "upside down"?

We'll be over here with the Eggo waffles.

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