Working in the service industry can be mentally and physically taxing on any person. And if you've worked those industry jobs, you've probably questioned yourself on whether it's worth it? Well, a new study suggests that if you're working one of those service industry jobs in Maine, the answer is YES.


Quickbooks released a survey/study in which they broke down how they calculated the best tipping states. Two factors were key, the generosity of residents leaving tips and a state's minimum wage for tipped employees.

Maine hangs in the middle of the pack when it comes to the hourly wage for tipped employees at $5 per hour. But after you factor in the generosity of residents, Maine leads the entire United States at a tipping rate of 19.3%. Connecticut ranks second on the list at 18.6% but their tipped employees make a minimum wage of $10 per hour.

One key part of this study is the "residents" portion. Quickbooks didn't factor in tourism when it came to tipping. So the generosity of residents is truly from Maine-based people, despite the fact that much of state sees a huge boom in tourism dollars during the summer.

So there you go Maine, something to be proud. We know how to take care of the people who take care of us.

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