Hey CYY Freaks! So last week, in our article "5 Stupid Questions People Ask About Maine," we asked you to share some of the questions you've been asked about our home state that make your eyes roll... And BOY did you have some good ones! So here's a collection of our favorite dumb queries about the Pine Tree State brought to you by you, the WCYY listeners!

This one from Tina Hoar made us straight up cry from laughter. How could someone not know that that's insane?! I'm not 100% sure if anyone studies the moose at any point in school, but if someone does, our money is on our neighbors to the north, with emphasis on the 'eh.'

Yet another jab at how remote Maine seems, this one from Gretchen Garrison probably gets tossed around more than anyone would like.... But in New Hampshire? I think you could hear our facepalm from space.

We'd recommend a lesson or two in how water works for whomever asked Kasey Grass this question. I mean... Really?

So Captain Obvious really is out there! We're sorry, Kim Ducharme. Of course we do! I mean, it's all done by crank, but...

Finishing things off, this one comes from our friends at Maine Memes. Natural selection at work, people - in more ways than one.

Do you have any more stupid questions that people from away have asked you about Maine? Keep them coming! These are gold.