You never know who you'll run into at J's Oyster.


If you were out this weekend you may have said to yourself, 'What Covid?' Life is certainly feeling more normal and Portland was as busy as ever. One of the most iconic places in Portland is J's Oyster and look who happened by. Wynonna Judd!

Even if you don't know the first thing about country music, you know the name, Wynonna Judd. She started in the 80's with her mom, Naomi, in 'The Judds'. They were everywhere and then Wynonna branched out on her own in the 90's. One rumor that has gone around is about Wynonna being Elvis' daughter! According to an article from 2017, Naomi (Wynonna's mom) was Elvis's personal nurse at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. Some say very personal. She has never denied the rumor given the chance.

Laughing Elvis
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I wonder if anyone at J's asked. I'm thinking not, because as Mainer's we are way cooler than that! Seeing celebrities is part of the fun of being in Maine. If you've noticed, EVERYONE wants to be here! Trust me, Wynonna won't be the last celebrity in this great state.

And if you are gonna be here, J's is a must. It's not just the food (which is fabulous), it's...well, if you've never been it's hard to describe. But I bet when Wynonna left, she had a few good friends that she'll never forget!



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