Krispy Kreme New England

While New England was never blessed with an abundance of Krispy Kreme locations throughout our five states (let's face it -- Connecticut is more the Tri-State Area with New York and New Jersey than New England), we were still lucky enough to have a few spots throughout the years.

Back in 2017, a Krispy Kreme location opened in Saco, Maine, with another location following a year later in Auburn, Maine.

According to WMUR, there were plans back in 2016 to open four different locations in New Hampshire, with Nashua eyed as one of those locations in 2018, but as of this writing, Granite Staters are still waiting.

Google Maps / Photo by Inna Safa on Unsplash
Google Maps / Photo by Inna Safa on Unsplash

Krispy Kreme Mohegan Sun

With the New Hampshire locations so far never coming to fruition, the two Maine locations mysteriously closed back in April 2020 without notice and without explanation. All that's known is that it had nothing to do with the pandemic, which, around that time, was always the go-to assumption.

There was also a location in Medford, Massachusetts, right by the Wellington MBTA Station, which closed back in 2005, according to Wicked Local, and is now a Kelly's Roast Beef location.

That leaves the closest location for New Englanders down in Uncasville, Connecticut, inside of Mohegan Sun (and it's almost like a food court-type location, not even a proper full location.)

Photo by Ben Dutton on Unsplash / Photo by Emil huang on Unsplash / Canva
Photo by Ben Dutton on Unsplash / Photo by Emil huang on Unsplash / Canva

Krispy Kreme and McDonald's

All of that is about to change, though, as, according to ABC News, Krispy Kreme has reached a deal with McDonald's to partner up on offering three different Krispy Kreme flavors inside of McDonald's locations.

According to ABC News, this has been happening already under the radar as a test run in both Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, and has been such a smash hit that they'll be expanding to all McDonald's restaurants across the country.

The timeline isn't officially known yet, though. While ABC News reports that Krispy Kreme will provide more information in the following months, as of this writing, all that is known is that the full rollout countrywide will be completed by the end of 2026.

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