Guitar Grave is a pawn shop right here in downtown Portland. Guitars, amps, electronics, DVD's, iPhones, TV's, etc. Lots of interesting stuff. Lots of interesting people too. These videos show you! 

On Congress Street, GUITAR GRAVE is a popular pawn shop/consignment store to find some great used instruments or a deal on an iPhone or laptop. You can also sell your instruments, laptops and iPhones too! That's how it works! They buy sell, trade, consign.

Guitar Grave has been in business since 2002. Mike Fink is the owner and he's also a notary public official, so you can skip Vegas and get married at the Grave by Mike!


With the buying and trading and selling comes some odd transactions now and then. Some of the people tied to those deals are just as odd sometimes if not odder; Sometimes they're flat out drunk and unruly. Sometimes they wax weird poetic and even get downright philosophical. Regardless, Mike along with Mark, Pete, Shawn, Angus and the rest of the crew have to play along with these folks. They are angels to play along cause some of these folks most of us wouldn't waste 5 minutes one, but they're customers so... they grin and bare it and hopefully make some sales.

Sometimes it can get out of hand, sometimes it can be down right enjoyable to watch minds work. Because of that, their security camera (very much needed by the way), captures a lot of special moments. So much so that they've started to load up mini episodes titled, "Tales From the Grave". Watch a few right here! And next time you plan to sell stolen merchandise and get snotty about it, or you don't like a price and think you're in the right to shout about it; remember your tale from the grave by seen by the world!

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