Security camera footage shows a heated exchange that could have ended many different'll just be shocked to see how it does!

When walking into the Guitar Grave in Portland, two things should hit you right away. One, this is a hometown shop and not your average big box store that sells music equipment. Two, the people behind the counter aren't going to change. That second one is important for the context of this 5 minute video.

Mike Fink, who's YouTube channel Tales From The Grave is a must watch, is a guy who doesn't like to be screwed with. As he states in the subject line for this video, he's been a pawnbroker for 20 years and when people intentionally try to bilk him out of money, he (reasonably so) gets a little irritated. And that's how things get heated.

Enter in anonymous yellow mohawk-ed guy who is looking to exchange a gift card for cash. Mike keeps a detailed log in his computer of exchanges and whether or not they've been fraudulent. He finds that this particular fellow exchanged a bad gift card from L.L. Bean recently and Mike decides to confront him about it.

They exchange some choice words, which leads to the yellow mohawk dumping a bucket of ice out on some merchandise. Mike and his co-worker explode, and toss the guy out. But then decide that vengeance can be sweet and just as yellow mohawk and dumped the bucket out in their store, they'd dump his backpack out on the street.

Threats were made, more choice words were exchanged and's all over. As we mentioned above, Mike leads an interesting life with interactions in his store. Can someone please alert network TV...this would be an AMAZING reality show!

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