The Sea Dogs Biscuit is back and so are the Sea Dogs!


The Portland Sea Dogs announced that Gifford’s Ice Cream is their official ice cream partner and will be making the super tasty Sea Dogs Biscuit. Gifford's is the perfect ice cream maker for the job. They are the fifth-generation company with what is known as 'HomeMaine ice cream'. Get it?

Gifford's Ice Cream Facebook
Gifford's Ice Cream Facebook

They will start the Sea Dogs Biscuit supply during the home opener at Hadlock Tuesday, May 4th when the Sea Dogs take on the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Maybe you've been living under a rock and don't know what a Sea Dogs Biscuit is. That's sad, but gives you something to look forward to. It's Gifford’s vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies.

The Sea Dogs President and General Manager Geoff Iacuessa said that Gifford's was the perfect fit because they are a Maine company with a great reputation! How excited are the Sea Dogs? Well, they've renamed the right-field pavilion seats at Hadlock Field. From here forward they shall be known as the Gifford’s HomeMaine Ice Cream Pavilion. These are the seats that look like the 'Monster Seats' at Fenway Park. Lots of space and amazing views of the field. Plus, these are the only seats at Hadlock where you could catch a homerun ball.

Welcome back Sea Dogs! Welcome back Sea Dogs biscuit! And welcome Gifford's Ice Cream!  We can't wait to go!

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