You ever realize you’ve been cheating on a restaurant? How about two?

Not long ago, someone asked me what my favorite seafood restaurant on the Seacoast was, and without hesitation, I replied The Beach Plum in North Hampton. It’s been a staple of any trip to North Hampton State Beach for as long as I can remember, and it wouldn’t be summer without lunch from the Beach Plum.

It's also the best place in the world to try this special menu hack.

Then, someone within earshot pointed out that I had told them my favorite seafood restaurant was Al’s Seafood on Route 1. It’s been a family dining favorite for as long as I can remember, and everyone from my sister to some of my best friends worked there.

When I told someone else of this conflict, they replied that I had told them my favorite seafood restaurant was The Old Salt in downtown Hampton. It has great history (a U.S. President once spent Thanksgiving at its historic inn), a vast selection, and a tremendous Sunday brunch.

Then I realized it was possible that I had subconsciously been eating seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at three different seafood restaurants without realizing it.

I am the Nick Cannon of enjoying seafood.

I tried to narrow it down once and for all by weighing the pros and cons of each establishment. The Beach Plum has ice cream. The other places don’t have ice cream, so it’s gotta be The Beach Plum.

But…Al’s has fried clams. The Beach Plum doesn’t have fried clams. They’re my favorite. So, I guess you go with our favorite.

However, the Old Salt has a bar where you can watch Celtics games. Al’s doesn’t have a Celtics TV, and the Celtics aren’t on in the summer, so tough luck, Beach Plum.

I couldn’t do it. At the end of day, I was at a loss when it came to naming my favorite seafood restaurant in the Seacoast, never mind all of New Hampshire. I had to open it up to readers.

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