Game days in New England. Ahhhh, the best.

Picture a Sunday 1pm Patriots game. If you are not going to the game, you might find yourself at a sports bar at 11am.

Why so early? Because it is GAME DAY.

The vibes at most sports bars are unmatched during a game. I use Mojo's in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the Winners Circle in Salisbury, Massachusetts, as examples.

If you go into either of those places between 11 and 12 before a 1pm game, the bars start to have an energy. And it builds, and builds, and BUILDS.

People are having a late breakfast or early lunch. People are starting to have a few beers to get ready for the game. People are meeting new friends, playing keno, and placing bets, all for that 1pm kickoff.

The second the game starts, everyone in the facility is your friend. Everyone is there to see the same thing: a New England sport team victory.

Huge play? High fives all around. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are sitting. Everyone high fives.

Touchdown or goal? Beers. Beers. Beers. Drink, celebrate, get loud, and get another!

Some say – and this is certainly me sometimes – that the best place to watch a game or spend a game day is at home. And that is certainly true sometimes. I thoroughly enjoy drinking my own beer in my own seat with no one talking to or disturbing me.

That said, being surrounded by other fans on a game day is more fun.

You cheer, they cheer. You drink, they drink. You get mad, they get mad. It is just a bunch of people with similar interests together in the same place.

Strangers become friends, and friends become family at these kinds of sports bars.

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