Following suit with other major newspapers across the country and those closer to home like the Portland Press Herald and Sun-Journal, the Bangor Daily News announced on Tuesday that they are doing away with their free online content in favor an a digital subscription strategy.

The BDN details their decision to move away from free and into the land of digital subscriptions here. (This article will remain free of charge) The BDN says they've spent half a year researching how this would affect their business and where this leaves their customer base.

For those still unwilling to pay for a digital subscription, you can still receive 5 free BDN articles per 30 days. By registering with the BDN, you can receive an additional 3 free articles per month. If you're a paper subscriber to the BDN, you'll receive a digital subscription for no additional fee.

There are a few caveats with the change that should make online readers happy. Any major breaking news articles WILL NOT be placed behind the paywall. Additionally, classifieds and obituaries will remain available free of charge, as well as blogs about closings, cancellations and community events.

The change to a digital subscription policy is set to begin next week.



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