Summer means food. You'll be out there grilling, eating pier fries at Old Orchard Beach, enjoying the summer beers, ales and hard teas and lemonades. That translates to gaining weight. I found an article on, where they ranked the fifty states on 'How much fun is it to get fat there?'

The food that each state are known for is important, but there is more to consider. The weather, the culture... basically the extent to which you can completely lose yourself in the pursuit of gluttony, as is your right!

So enjoy, America, and keep eating!

Maine surprisingly came in right in the middle of the pack at number 26. With lobster rolls, the local beers, blueberry and apple pies, potatoes, I really thought we'd be in the top ten!

Here's what their article said about Maine. 'If you had to pick one perfect food to fatten up on repeatedly, lobster rolls would have to come in somewhere near the top, with that buttery roll complementing the buttery (in a different sense) lobster in the kind of perfect harmony that says "you should totally eat 15 of me." But Maine's charms definitely extend beyond lobster -- Portland's status as a rising dining city isn't quite making anyone forget about the other Portland, but it's undoubtedly carving out an indulgent reputation all its own. Also, blueberries in and of themselves are a magnificently healthy superfood, but that can all be quickly undone if you consume them in pie form.'

Wisconsin came in as the best state to gain weight in (beer and cheese). Delaware was last. See the entire list here.

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