If you've lived in Maine long enough, there wasn't a time when listening to the radio or watching television where you wouldn't come across a Hammond Lumber commercial. Their marketing plan and budget at the time was elite. Every commercial started the same, with a classic "whistling" background, followed by the ad being voiced by an individual with a thick Maine accent. Each of those ads would be closed with a three-pronged phrase, "ham and eggs, ham and cheese, Hammond Lumber". It made absolutely no sense and not a single Mainer cared, it was memorable. So if just that description brings you back, then you have to check out a new spoof of those classic Hammond Lumber commercials.

Shared on YouTube by Paul Hunt, say hello to Dahmmet Lumbah, a faux-company with two terribly inconvenient locations across Maine. Across this :90 second piece of gold, there are a lot of little gems to behold. Everything from free delivery if you're within "spitting' distance", to the invention of the Lewiston Sluggah. And of course the spoof wouldn't be complete with a three-pronged closer. Let's just say Dahmmet Lumbah is going to need to work on how smooth and memorable their closing is.

It all feels very Maine, based on nostalgia, without poking too much fun at all of those classic Hammond Lumber commercials. Well done.

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