Depending on the time of day and how busy the Old Port is, loitering can become a problem. Perhaps it's boredom, distraction or a little too much to drink, but you'll often find people stuck in one spot for far too long, especially in the summer. So it totally makes sense that various businesses and landmarks may put up No Loitering signs just to remind people to keep it moving. But at the Custom House in Portland, they put up a unique No Loitering sign that, frankly, could be taken a number of different ways.

Shared on Twitter by Chris B. Critter, we can safely say we've never seen another sign with this picture on it. If you stop and think about it for a minute, the Custom House is asking people to please not sit on the steps of the historic building or use their cell phone on the steps, BUT, how many people have walked by and not thought for a minute?

Some quick initial thoughts could be...

Is the person sitting down, pooping?

Is the person looking at a cigarette saying "damn, I really need to quit"?

As Chris B. Critter suggested, is there about to be a stabbing here?

There's probably some other random thoughts that have popped into minds as they've passed by that sign. Let's hope they didn't loiter while staring at that sign.

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