You almost knew it was going to happen but just didn't want to believe it. Unfortunately, the news has been official. According to WMTW, organizers of Maine's largest agricultural fair decided to pull the plug on the event this year due to continuing coronavirus concerns that include an inability to enforce social distancing and protective equipment guidelines later this year.

Facebook via Stumpchunks LLC
Facebook via Stumpchunks LLC

For fans of the Fryeburg Fair, the news is likely to further the feeling that 2020 is a "lost year". The Fryeburg Fair follows several of Maine's other agricultural fairs in deciding the risk was too significant over the reward. Other places that draw large crowds, like Funtown/Splashtown U.S.A. decided weeks ago that the dangers presented from COVID-19 were too much to bring together gatherings of people.

But the loss of the Fryeburg Fair for 2020 does sting a little extra. Organizers for the fair will spend the remainder of 2020 improving the fairgrounds and do plan to return in the fall of 2021 with another unforgettable Blue Ribbon Classic.

The Fryeburg Fair 2020 was scheduled from October 4th through October 11th.

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