The longtime Portland donut shop promised an expansion to Scarborough and their new location is ready for business this week.

Portland residents know that when the tourists began to pile into the city, the Holy Donut will be packed and the chances of getting your favorite donut might be slim. But perhaps with the new Holy Donut location opening on route 1 in Scarborough, some of that will change just a little bit.

Taking over the old Tim Horton's location, the Holy Donut will bring their Portland Old Port experience to the burgeoning town on Scarborough. Last October, the donut maker announced they would be expanding to Scarborough because they saw a great opportunity. That announcement excited a lot of people, but as with anything, people began to wonder WHEN the new location would open. The answer!

In a Facebook post, the Holy Donut announced they'll be opening their doors tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. Commuters will be overjoyed and those looking to avoid downtown Portland but still get their donut fix will be in luck. Happy eating!

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