In July of 2022, thousands of athletes, and their friends and family, descended on Maine's capital city for the Ironman 70.3, a grueling triathlon that includes running, swimming, and biking.

The event is returning to Augusta in July of 2023!

According to the even website, the triathlon kicks off with a swim in the Kennebec River.  That's followed by a lengthy bicycle ride.  The event ends with a run.

Where does the 70.3 come from?  That's the total distance, in miles, that the event covers.  The swim portion is 1.2 miles, there is a 56 mile bike ride, and then a 13.1 mile run.

Why did they choose Augusta?  The event website explains:

Augusta is the perfect place to play this summer in this eclectic downtown city along the river.  From outdoor activities to culinary delights, visit Maine to experience it all. Maine brings one of the top national parks in the country with Acadia National Park showcasing the rugged and beautiful coastline to many more outdoor activities. Maine is known for lobster rolls, chowder and everything blueberry. This charming capital will offer you that getaway race you’ve been looking for.

Pretty much everyone I speak to about the event is incredibly happy that it has been brought to Augusta.  Those thousands of people brings millions of dollars to the area's economy.  It was really great to see every restaurant, bar, and hotel slammed that weekend.

Li Yang via Unsplash
Li Yang via Unsplash

I have a feeling that most businesses will learn from the few hiccups there were last year.  Toward the end of the weekend, it was hard to get a meal...  anywhere.  I attempted to go out to eat with some friends on that Sunday and learned that most places were out of everything.  Something tells me that, after going through the experience last year, restaurants and bars will make a point of stocking up prior to the event.  That being said,

This year, the event will be held on Sunday, July 30th.  In addition to the competition day, there will be a welcome party at Mill Park on Friday, July 28th.

Get all the details and find out about registering HERE

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