Spiders and snakes. Two things that cause fear in the everyday, average person across the globe. Right here in Maine, the news couldn't get enough of "Wessie the snake" in Westbrook not that long ago. So perhaps, just maybe, the Lowe's on Brighton Avenue in Portland is just preparing for something we don't even know is coming. BIG snakes!

Thanks to the keen eye of FunnelWeaver on Reddit, we can all now store in our memory banks that the Lowe's store in Portland has large snake repellant available for purchase. And by the looks of it, it's pretty reasonably priced!

We did a quick Google search of large snakes in Maine, and frankly, nothing came back. And considering just wrapped up another brutal winter, it's unlikely rattle snakes and their close cousins are migrating to Maine anytime soon. Perhaps this was a glitch in Lowe's online shopping system or maybe all of their inventory is available at any online location, no matter the need. All of that COULD be true. Then again...

Maybe the rattle snakes are coming. Maybe Wessie has friends in low places and is plotting its revenge. Time will tell. For now, we're going to order a bag of large snake repellant. Better to be safe than snake food.

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