The weekend is finally here! That means, for many people all across Maine, it's time to unwind with a beer on the back porch - myself included. While there are a lot of phenomenal local beer choices, have you ever tried one from Iceland? I haven't, but it looks like I may have a chance, if things with the Maine Beer Box continue to go so well!

The Maine Beer Box finally made its way back from Reykjavik earlier today, just in time for the Summer Session Craft Beer Festival in Portland tomorrow. Check out the video from WCSH6 below:

In the video, Ch6 reports that the box started as a joke between Sean Sullivan at the Maine Brewer's Guild, and employees at Eimskip, headquartered here in Portland. Well, it turns out that the refrigerated shipping container complete with taps turned into a reality, and is now a symbol of friendship between the two cities, as well as, you know, gettin' yer buzz on.

The box was loaded up with craft beer from Maine, and taken to Reykjavik for the Icelandic people to get a little taste of how we do things here. No word yet on what their favorite was, but we'd love to know. Now, it has returned to us here in the States, with a selection of brews by Icelandic Breweries!

WCSH also reports that Sullivan will soon announce which country the beer box will b headed to next... So keep your eye out for beer from all around the world!

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